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Letter to Shri Arun Jaitley on GST

योगी आदित्यनाथ का नाथ संप्रदाय न हिन्दू था, न मुसलमान । हिंदुत्व के विपरीत, नाथ योगियों ने अतीत में अपनी समावेशी धार्मिक सोच पर बल देते हुए शक्ति प्राप्त की ~ सी मारेवा-करवॉस्की

The Hidden Wealth of Nations - The Scourge of Tax Havens - By Gabriel Zucman

Digitalization: Fig leaf for failed Demonetization - By Mohan Guruswamy

Jumla is the new Black - By Jairam Ramesh

Demographic Fear Mongering (Hindi & English )

A Covert "Surgical Strike" - by Jairam Ramesh

No discussion on who killed Mahatma Gandhi is complete without addressing idea of a Hindu Rashtra | By Teesta Setalvad

Advani barred from BJP meet that named Modi as PM candidate, says former aide

CAG audit nails Centre’s claim on LPG subsidy saving

Integral Part by Prof Badri Raina

भारत की बेइज्जती - डॉ. वेदप्रताप वैदिक

On Yoga Day by Badri Raina

Lawlessness in MP

Two years of Gross MisGovernance

The Uighur Visa Controversy

󾭩 About Religion - A Short Story

Had the Congress remained silent, it would have been seen as though the Congress was supporting Owaisi: Digvijaya Singh

Hindutva's quiet entry in Appu Esthose Suresh

Sir..India has to survive what's happening Ganapathi Ramachandran

UPA Schemes/Initiatives Rebranded and Relaunched by the NDA

Code of Conduct of Ministers and Tawade's Reply + List of Companies/LLPs in which Vinod Shashidhar Tawade is/was a Director/Designated Partner

Anonymous letter by a Concerned Citizen to Smiriti Irani

Full text: Invoking Hitler, Raghuram Rajan warns: A strong govt may not move in the right direction

Ab ki Baar Cut and Paste Sarkaar : The Case of Make in India
by Amitabh Dubey | 15 February 2016 |

संघ परिवार का विचार संकट
लेखक - हरि शंकर व्यास, नया इंडिया | 9 February 2016

बुद्धि और बिना बुद्धि का फर्क
लेखक - हरि शंकर व्यास, नया इंडिया | 8 February 2016

सोनिया बनाम संघ के दो साल
लेखक - हरि शंकर व्यास, नया इंडिया | 7 February 2016

मोदी जी के नाम खुला पत्र - कांग्रेस के एक सिपाही द्वारा

Smart City for Smart Men by Badri Raina

Letter to PM, CVC Regarding association of Nitin Gadkari with IRB Infrastructure.

Happy New Year Mr. Prime Minister! By - Mohan Guruswamy

Chattisgarh Govt wants to oblige Mine Owners with a relief of 1000 Cr

National Hearld Narrative
नेशनल हेराल्ड की कहानी
National Hearld FAQs
नेशनल हेराल्ड पर उठते सवाल और उनके जवाब।
A Different Take on ‪#‎RahulStumped‬ from Someone Who Was at Mount Carmel

Parched in the Monsoon by Rachit Seth

UK Dalits condemn the inauguration of Dr Ambedkar House by Narendra Modi

Modi gets a taste of what independent media is truly like

Vyapam scam: Chaturvedi alleges RSS warned him against exposing own people

The Lynchings: Article from Mainstream Weekly by Badri Raina

सच से कांपे थर थर मोदी ...Excellent Poetry

तुम बिल्कुल हम जैसे निकले, अब तक कहां छुपे थे भाई, वह मूरखता, वह घामड़पन, जिसमें हमने सदी गंवाई आखिर पहुंची द्वार तुम्हारे, अरे बधाई, बहुत बधाई; ...Excellent Poetry by Fehmida Riyaz

समर शेष है, शपथ धर्म की लाना है वह काल , विचरें अभय देश में गाँधी और जवाहर लाल !!... Another Poetry by Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar

My favorite poem by Tagore - Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high....

Forget all those dictators’ widows promising you millions. Our prime minister offers much more.... READ FULL STORY

जलती डार Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar , 1932 when 2nd round table conference failed.

Six ways Modi sarkar is dragging India back to the dark age by Devanik Saha

Mithi: Where a Hindu fasts and a Muslim does not slaughter cows - Blogs - Hasan Raja in DAWN.COM

Legacy of Netaji

कांग्रेस मुक्त भारत के जो देख रहे हर पल सपने, गांधी विहीन बनाया भारत वो भी थे इनके अपने || Shared by Alok Shukla

Reforming the Public Sector by Mohan Guruswamy

PM’s meeting: What they didn’t discuss? by Mohan Guruswamy

A Government of the RSS, by the RSS, for the RSS by Harish Khare Editor-in-Chief of The Tribune

A Tipping Point for Water by Junaid Kamal Ahmad Senior Director, Water at the World Bank Group

Why Modi's Reforms Lie in Tatters by Mani Shankar Aiyar

Dal vs State by Christophe Jaffrelot

Mee Nathuram Godse Boltoy - Extracts from Marathi book Nathuramayan by Y. D. Phadke (Well known Historian and Writer)

Blog of Justin Podur 22 August 2015

Truth Lab Report 18th March 2015

Letter to CBI Dated 13th August 2015 and Annexures regarding VYAPAM Scam-registeration of case of tampering and fabrication of records against the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Indore Police and Crime Branch Indore(MP)

All right thinking secular people must support Teesta. A relentless Fighter for a Cause

A strange twist of fate or tactical disassociation? by Suresh Malhotra

#‎Vyapam‬ पर ‪#‎सुप्रीमकोर्ट‬ में मेरी याचिका की प्रति

Copy of my ‪#‎Petition‬ to Supreme Court on ‪#‎Vyapam‬

How cancer has India in its grip

by Charu Bahri, | 12 June 2015

God is with them.

Blog | 07 June 2015

Views of brilliant but outspoken Bureaucrat -(Late) Dr. M.N.Buch

Recommended Articles | 06 June 2015

Chat with Digvijaya Singh| 08 May 2015

The forgotten rivalry between Patel and Bose

HT - Ramachandra Guha| Updated: Apr 25, 2015 22:48 IST

Can’t blame UPA Land Acquisition Bill for stalled projects: RTI

By ET Bureau | 28 Apr, 2015, 06.50AM IST


Badri Raina - Mainstream, VOL LIII, No 18, April 25, 2015

The Art of Poliphony

TK Arun - Apr 22 2015 : The Economic Times (Delhi)

David Frawley is not an academic. Why should he be invited to deliver an academic lecture?

Ritika Chopra Economic Times Mar 27, 2015, 03.48AM IST

रविंद्रनाथ टैगोर और उनकी राष्ट्र/राज्य की संकल्पना by डॉ. सुरेश खैरनार


As a Christian, suddenly I am a stranger in my own country, writes Julio Ribeiro

Indian Express | 16-03-2015

Government gains, country loses

Indian Express | 11-03-2015

Contents of the SMS’s exchanged between Smt. Sadhana Singh w/o Sh. Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Mr. Sudheer Sharma (accused) in VYAPAM cases recommending candidates to make them qualify in the Examination conducted by VYAPAM

Press Note | 26-02-2015

Stop Harassment of Teesta Setalvad
February 15, 2015 12:31 am

Across the Aisle: Truth, damned truth and statistics
By P Chidambaram February 8, 2015 12:31 am

Obama India Visit: India is the big loser

By Dave Makkar, New JerseyJan 2015

Growth in the time of UPA: Myths and Reality
By Maitreesh Ghatak London School of Economics, Parikshit Ghosh Delhi School of Economics, Ashok Kotwal University of British ColumbiaApril 2014

History as Myth and Myth as History - A New Mantra
By Ram Chandra Guha Hindustan Times 2015-01-15

Islam’s Problem With Blasphemy
By Mustafa Akyol Newyork Times Op-Ed

Alternate history: Passing off fiction as fact
By Sitaram Yechury

Mahatma’s ghar wapsi
By Rajmohan Gandhi Indian Express 12 Jan 2015

Inclusive governance will be Sri Lanka's new mantra
By Rajiva Wijesinha Hindustan Times 12 Jan 2015

Truth about Vibrant Gujarat
रोहन गुप्ता चेरमेन, गुजरात कोंग्रेस आई टी सेल

A Different Kind Of Ghar Wapsi
Mridula Mukherjee , Eminent Historian

When not to use power
Faizan Mustafa Vice chancellor, Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad

Hindustan's 80% Minority
Abheek Barman

For the BJP-led government, development and communalism go nicely together
Kanti Bajpai

More than 4.5 lakh children out of school in MP
Rageshri Ganguly Times News Network Jan 3, 2015

Robert Vadra targeted for being Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law
Digvijaya Singh Hindustan Times Jan 04, 2015
In the Mahatma's Footsteps
Niranjan TakleThe Week December 22, 2014
Good Governance Day sends wrong message on Xmas
Rajdeep SardesaiHindustan Times December 25, 2014
सफेद खून, काली करतूत By अख़लाक़ अहमद उस्मानी
Jansatta December 23, 2014
Secularism in crisis, it is now time for Modi to speak out By Karan Thapar
Hindustan Times December 21, 2014
Dalits Could `Return' to Brahmin Fold Now. - By Shivendra Kumar
Economic Times December 20, 2014
How can they kill our kids? Because we let them - By Komail Aijazuddin
Indian Express December 18, 2014 4:33 am IST
Religion is a Fundamental Right of Every Citizen
Huffington Post December 13 2014 5:46 pm IST
If US had a patent law like ours,they would discover many more drugs
Times of India December 01 2014 15:11 IST
Madrassa in UP Teaches Sanskrit Too
Times of India December 01 2014 15:11 IST
Mumbai cops disallow Pak artistes' concert
Times of India December 02 2014 15:11 IST
Dear PM, Save Our Colleges From Communal Agendas
by Rana Ayyub NDTV, November 29, 2014 15:11 IST
Parallel Journeys? Turkey’s experience of AKP rule and its portents for India under the BJP
by Amitav Ghosh Blog, Dec 02, 2014
There Are Several Myths Propagated About Vadra
by Digvijaya Singh Economic Times New Delhi, November 26, 2014
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Why is Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru so important for a faceless Indian?
by Nivedita MishraHindustan Times New Delhi, November 14, 2014
When a Climber becomes a Banyan Tree
by Rajesh Ramachandran Economic Times Sunday, November 2, 2014
Sparks, not fires
by Ashutosh Varshney October 30, 2014 12:05 am : The Indian Express
India feels Short-changed
by M K Bhadrakumar MAINSTREAM, VOL LII, NO 41, OCTOBER 4, 2014
Cut Diesel Price, Don't Allow Cos to Make Obnoxious Profits:
Economic Times 15 Oct 2014
History, battleground for politics
by Digvijaya Singh OP-ED Opinion Hindu 09 Oct 2014
Narendra Modi’s US Visit : The Real Picture !
by Wilson Battu 07 Oct 2014
RSS-BJP: Unmaking the Indian Republic
by Sitaram Yechuri Hindustan Times 07 Oct 2014
Gandhi, morality and political legitimacy
by Ananya Vajpeyi 06 Oct 2014
Was Modi giving Guru Dakshina to the Sar Sanghachalak?
by Pawan Khera ABP Live 04 Oct 2014
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
[Poetry(s)] of Akhilesh Arjaria
'Bechare' pioneers draw ‘shunya’
Radhika Ramaseshan | Telegraph India
Reality-Check-Environments-Of Himalayan Blunders & Rivers of Muck
Subodh Varma | Times of India
CAG Officials Give Bad Reviews to Rai's Book
Rajesh Ramachandran | Economic Times New Delhi | Sept 14, 2014 | 2:13:05 AM

Cry, my beloved Srinagar!
Amitabh Matto | Times of India New Delhi | Sept 14, 2014 | 2:13:05 AM

Kedarnath to Kashmir, the tragedy of development
Gautam Bhatia | Times of India New Delhi | Sept 14, 2014 | 2:13:05 AM

Banking For All By 2014, A Game-Changing Dream
Govindraj Ethiraj | Forbes India New Delhi | Saturday, August 30, 2014 | 2:13:05 AM

Pracharak killed after he made sexual advances on Sadhvi: NIA
Written by Ritu Sarin | Indian Express New Delhi | August 17, 2014 1:18 am

Express Investigations
  1. Over 600 ‘communal incidents’ in UP since LS results, 60% near bypoll seats
  2. My loudspeaker versus your loudspeaker
  3. Dalit-Muslim divide deepens, goes rural
  4. Fighting kids to dhaba bill: Takes little to keep communal pot simmering

गाजा के गुनहगार
- जनसत्ता 5 अगस्त, 2014 अख़लाक़ अहमद उस्मानी

The Real Tea Party at Vivekananda International Foundation
- 16 July 2014 | #TeaWithTerrorist

Sher ki soorat, khargosh ka kaleja
- 29 June 2014 | SA Aiyar in Swaminomics | Politicians, Politics Times of India Blog - Recommended Articles

Isn't Social Media a Powerful Tool for Rumour Mongers?
- 27 June 2014 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog

VYAPAM Scam Awaiting Logical Conclusion
- 26 June 2014 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog

व्यापम घोटाला कितना सर्वव्यापम?
- 25 June 2014 | By - Ravish Kumar | NDTV Report on Vyapam Scam

- 21 June 2014 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog |

Republic Resilient
- 7 June 2014 | By Badri Raina | Mainstream |[Recommended Article]

The forgotten Gujarati Prime Minister
- 7 June 2014 | By - Ramchandra Guha | The Hindustan Times

Is rejection of UPA the rejection of secularism, welfarism?
- 28 May 2014 | By - Harsh Mander | The Hindustan Times

Indian Christians Under A Narendra Modi Led Government
- 21 May 2014 | By - Shehzad Poonawalla |

Narendra Modi and the new face of India
- 16 May 2014 | By - Pankaj Mishra |

Hitler 'Modi-fied'
- 12 May 2014 | By - By Shehzad Poonawalla |

BJP’s career shows the resilience of the politics of polarisation
- 12 May 2014 | Written by Christophe Jaffrelot | Indian Express

The Resistible Rise of Narendra Modi
- 03 May 2014 | By - Sumanta Banerjee | Economic and Political Weekly

Questions to Saint Modi
- 03 May 2014 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog

Secularism in the Valley
By Badri Raina | Kashmir Times |[Recommended Article]

Decoder: How to win Lok Sabha polls the classical Italian way
Blog written by Jay Mazoomdaar, FIRSTPOST[Recommended Article]

स्त्री और पुरुष के बीच हर रिश्ता जायज है, बशर्ते उसमें धोखा न हो ।
Blog written by Om Thanvi, A Senior Journalist[Recommended Article]

Modi, on balance
Written by Ashutosh Varshney | The Indian EXPRESS |[Recommended Article]

The real power behind the Modi mask
Written by Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal | Kashmir Times |[Recommended Article]

Being Muslim Under Narendra Modi
Written by Basharat Peer | New York Times |[Recommended Article]

A Thin Manifesto
Written by Christophe Jaffrelot | The Indian Express |[Recommended Article]

Story from Bhajpur
By Yoginder K Alagh | The Indian Express |[Recommended Article]

How Did the UPA Fare?
By Maitreesh Ghatak | The Economic Times |[Recommended Article]

A Soldier's Father
By Wg. Cmdr.Venki Iyer. | Google Chain Mail [Recommended Article]

#Factsheet on Gujarat as per #CAG Report
By ATUL SOOD and KALAIYARASAN A. | Frontline Mag.[Recommended Article]

Know your NaMo: Like 'Father', like 'son' ?
By SUBHASH GATADE[Recommended Article]

Some Articles written by Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam
1. Wages of Hate
2. Communal Calumny
3. Pot calling the kettle black
4. Raising Communal Temperature

#Corruption is other name of #BJP
Dr. Anandakumar | Recommended eBook - with Download Link]

The strange case for India's macroeconomic exceptionalism
By SHANKAR SHARMA | Business Standard |[Recommended Article]

I am deeply disturbed and sad today...
Blog written by a Young Woman who is a Cancer Patient.[Recommended Article]

Why Modi Deserves "Nishan-e-Pakistan"
By M.J. Akbar | Byline | Chronicle Books |[Recommended Article]

In another Varanasi
By Pratap Bhanu Mehta | The Indian Express |[Recommended Article]

An Indian General Election Like No Other
By Badri Raina | Mainstream |[Recommended Article]

Pretender to Patel's legacy: Modi wants a statue for him but buries his idea of India
- 13 March 2014 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog
By V Mitchell, New York, NY | Letter to NEW YORK TIMES |[Recommended Article]

MGNREGA in Madhya Pradesh:A tale of 53 lakh ghost beneficiaries
By Chandna C Arora | First Post |[Recommended Article]

ECONOMY REPORT CARD: UPA’s Biggest Failure is in Communication
By SHANKAR SHARMA | The Economic Times |[Recommended Article]

Who is the Aam Aadmi?
By NISSIM MANNATHUKKAREN | The Hindu |[Recommended Article]

Hinduism is no fossil fuel, it’s a renewable resource
By Ranjit Hoskote TNN [Recommended Article]

FIR against Moily? As absurd as one against Kejriwal
By Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar[Recommended Article]

Lower Bandwidth means more FM Stations
By Vidhi Choudhary /[Recommended Article]

Of Tea and Dynasty
By Badri Raina[Recommended Article]

Threat to Independent Journalist [Recommended Article]

Creating an Illusion Of Mass Support Base of Modi Part-II
Falsehood versus Truth:The ongoing saga of obfuscating Truth and obstructing Justice in Gujarat.
Letter to Arun Jaitley By Sanjiv Bhatt IPS[Recommended Article]

Modi's Pretension for Secularism & Develeopment
[Recommended Article]

FIR against Kumar Mangalam Birla could have been avoided
Nidhi Sharma in Economic Times[Exclusive Interview]

The Stalkers
By Ashish Khetan (Courtesy -[Recommended Article]

Modi on Rampage: Reckless Abuse of History
By Ram Puniyani[Recommended Article]

An Idiot for PM ? (Non)Sense of History in NaMo
By Subhash Gatade[Recommended Article]

Modi lies about Nehruji not attending Sardar Patel funeral-Exposed

Thug Reveals he has a remote that controls BJP PM Hopefool Narendra Modi

The Modi Machine: Makeover gurus
- by Appu Esthose Suresh (courtesy - Indian Express) [Recommended Article]

Gujarat Model of Development has been trumpeted by Modi Acolytes.I am going to put some facts sourced from Planning Commission , one each day
1. FDI Equity inflows to Indian States
2. Outstanding liabilities (Public Debt)-State Govts as % GSDP
3. Decline in Poverty ( Tendulkar Methodology)
4. Percentage of population below poverty line by states
5. Sex Ratio in various states
6. Literacy Rates in Indian States
7. State Infant Mortality Rate
8. State Maternal Mortality Rate
9. Labour Force Participation Rate
10. Average Mean Per Capita Expenditure, Rural
11. Average Mean Per Capita Expenditure, Urban

Reforms Undertaken in 2012-13 and 2013-14
Recommended Article
Detailed Report on PMT 2013 Scam in Madhya Pradesh
- 14 October 2013 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog
Some Articles written by Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam
1. Patterns of Anti-Muslim Violence
2. The Growth Model To Be Avoided
3. Between Confusion and Clarity
4. Modi’s Muslims
5. Beginning of the End of SP

On Modi's Social Engineering
- by Subhash Gatade [Recommended Article]
- [Recommended] Poem by Nischay Bajpai
भारत की ख्याति, छप्पन इंच की छाती [Recommended]
- Poem by Prof. Badri Raina / ????? ????
What is RSS
- by Madhu Limaye [Recommended Article]
No model state
- by Christophe Jaffrelot [Recommended Article]
Modi,Hitler and Propaganda
Recommended Article
Forget Vadra. BJP should learn business lessons from Arun Jaitley!
-by Prashant [Recommended Article]
APCO Modi's (invisible) army
-Detailed Research by Khan Tabish [Recommended Article]
Masked men of Kishtwar[Recommended Article]
- An article written by Amitabh Mattoo
Soniaji's five point to fight corruption[Recommended Article]
- Hon'ble Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi Inaugral Address at INC 83rd Plenary session ,19th December 2010 at Burari, Delhi
Pandarpur Yatras: by Om Prakash Singh [Recommended Article]
Illegal Mining in Sand - Emergence of a New Mafia
- 6 August 2013 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog
Narendra Modi on Sardar Patel : Putting Goebbels to Shame
- By Shamsul Islam | Mainstream Magazine VOL LI, No 27, June 22, 2013 [Recommended Article]
.....Narendra Modi claims to love Sardar Patel. It only shows that Modi has no qualms about resorting to deceits for selfish gains. Sardar Patel is a ready-made heroic figure. Modi does not have to manufacture him. He and the RSS have only to hide the fact that the man was opposed to their organisation and had acted against it, and then, by what can only be called theft, proceed to make him one of their own. This defiance of historical fact is characteristic of the strategy of the Hindutva camp. Goebbels is dead, long live Modi.

Am I Anti Hindu
-16 July 2013 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog
The Grand Inquisitor [Recommended]
- Poem by Prof. Badri Raina | 11-June-2013 |
Dear master Frankenstein,/Why dost thou sulk in woe?/ Is there a fruit I have plucked/ That you did not first sow?
Transparency Revolution By UPA Government
- UPA 1 and UPA 2 have been seen in Media and wrongly projected by the opposition as to be an extremely corrupt Government.I am putting the steps taken by the UPA Government to fight the issue of corruption which are unprecedented.
Chief Seattle's Speech [Recommended]
- All those who feel a tough line against Naxalites should see Chief Seattle's Speech of 1854 to understand Tribal sentiments.
An Obituary to All Those Who Laid Down Their Lives on 25/05 in Bastar
- 2013 May 28th | Digvijaya Singh Blog
Polite Rejoinder to Arun Jaitley
- 20 May 2013 |Digvijaya Singh's Blog
Destressing in Tadoba
- 21 April 2013 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog
- 30 June 2013 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog
2G a thriller with twists, tales and intrigue
- 14 Oct 2011 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog
Is the Jan Lokpal Bill a holy cow?
- 12 Oct 2011 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog
Should the Lokpal have overriding powers over elected representatives in a democracy?
- 11 Oct 2011 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog
Shouldn't we undo the injustice done by the British to the forest dwellers?
- 4 Oct 2011 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog
Let us show some intelligence in controlling terror
-14 Sept 2011 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog
No other govt has shown more will to fight corruption
- 2 Sept 2011 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog
Communalism is as dangerous as corruption
- 29 Aug 2011 | Digvijaya Singh's Blog
Rethink counter-Maoist strategy
- 14 April 2010 | The Economic Times
Ban on tourists, free run for poachers
- 29 Aug 2010 | The Indian Express

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