Comments from Leaders

“After constitutional amendment, Panchayatiraj was established for the first time in the country in Madhya Pradesh through independent elections. Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh has taken remarkable steps in state for rural development under this constitutional provision.”
Sonia Gandhi,
All India Congress President
2nd March 2000 in Bhopal

“Digvijaya Singh is a good example of a person educated from Engineering college of Madhya Pradesh.”
(In-context of – need of educated people taking leadership position in Politics)
Shankar Dayal Sharma
President of India
2nd March 1997

“The Human Development Report, released by Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh is an important step to strengthen the democracy.”
Dr. Amartya Sen,
Nobel Laureate
5th January 1997 at New Delhi.

“I am impressed with the work of Madhya Pradesh Government like Panchayati Raj & Rajiv Gandhi Mission.  The works being run through decentralization of power and by public participation are commendable. The credit of this change goes to Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh.”
Sir Rob Young,
British High Commissioner
28th January 2000 at Bhopal

“Digvijaya Singh is one of the best Chief Ministers in India. Digvijaya Singh is a high caliber leader giving exemplary leadership to Madhya Pradesh Government. He is IT savvy and M.P. is progressing under his leadership.”
Hiroshi Hirabayashi,
Ambassador of Japan,
17 April 2000, Indore

“The Panchayatiraj system implemented under the leadership of Shri. Digvijaya Singh is so ideal a system that it should be implemented in all the states.”  
Indra Kumar Gujaral,
Then Prime Minister of India

“Establishment of Panchayatiraj is a revolutionary step. Work initiated by Digvijaya Singh under Rajiv Gandhi Shiksha Mission is commendable and exemplary.”
Michael Mcgeever,
Ambassador of European Economic Commission,
11th February 1999

“Digvijaya what you have achieved in Jhabua, we could never do in Maharashtra.”
Anna Hazare,

Renowned Social Worker

“Digvijaya Singh is a dynamic personality”
Lal Krishna Advani,
Central Home Minister,
13 June 1999, Jabalpur

“It is said that being a good human being is a prerequisite to serve in the fields of politics, administration, culture or public service, which is the strength of Digvijaya. His amicable personality is his biggest asset.”
P.A. Sangma,
Former Lok Sabha Speaker.

With unprecedented clarity of vision, willpower, strategic planning, Digvijaya Singh is trying to implement ‘Gram Swaraj’ in his state. This kind of work is yet to be started anywhere else.” 
Nirmala Deshpande, Gandhian,
Social Worker.

“Digvijaya Singh has experimented ‘Gram Rajya’ in his state Madhya Pradesh, based on Tukdoji Maharaj’s Gram Geeta. He is always trying to fulfill the vision of Sant & Mahatama’s.”
Tukaram Dada, Geeta-acharaya

“The initiatives of Madhya Pradesh Government for decentralization would be beneficial to whole country. I hope this will encourage other states to take steps on basis of the experience of Madhya Pradesh. Digvijaya Singh has progressive outlook on issues of development bypassing petty political differences.”
Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Prime Minister,
23 January 1999

“I like both the work and demeanor of Digvijaya Singh”
Sitaram Kesri, the President AICC

“For me Digvijaya Singh is a subject of research and studies.”
Sunderlal Patwa, Ex. Chief Minister M.P. & Central Minister,
26th October 1999

“By forming District Government Digvijaya Singh has done an innovative work.” 
Shiv Charan Mathur
Administrative Reform Commission, Rajasthan.

“Digvijaya Singh is enriched with a unique and extra ordinary personality. As Chief Minister he enjoys a neat & clean image.”
Jagatguru Shankracharya Swami Swaroopanandji

“When I came to know that in India, Madhya Pradesh is the first state which under the leadership of Digvijaya Singh had initiated the process of decentralization, I became curious to meet him and listen to his experience because of which this work could become feasible.”
Dr. Brenda Gayle
United Nations Representative

“Digvijaya Singh is an energetic person and he has made honest efforts to implement decentralization in governance.”
Dr. Manmohan Singh, then Leader of Opposition, Rajya Sabha

“Digvijaya Singh is a leader of water conservation movement, thus I feel that he should have been awarded the Magsaysay Award before me.”
Rajendra Singh
, Water Conservation Specialist

“I consider Digvijaya Singh to be my ideal.”
Then Chief Minister of Karnataka

“The dream of Mahatma Gandhi has been fulfilled in Madhya Pradesh. By initiating development through people’s participation in Governance (In context of decentralization by Panchyati Raj) Digvijaya Singh has created a model in front of our country.”
Then President of India.

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