#Corruption is other name of #BJP

#Corruption is other name of #BJP
By Dr. Anandakumar

Doctorate in Corruption

A political organisation, without any ethics, principles or objectives is very dangerous not only to the society but also to the nation. Many illustrations and examples can be given on this topic. But now we come across right in front of our eyes our former Chief Minister Sri. B.S. Yeddyurappa and his political party the K.J.P. (Karnataka Janata Party) his drama of jumping from B.J.P to K.J.P and his return from K.J.P to B.J.P. solely for selfish reasons. His acts of nepotism and favoritism during his Chief Ministership can be produced in volumes and as a result, the State has gone back 20 years behind.

All this started with the Lokayukta investigation Report. The main reason for this was the formation of the inauspicious B.J.P Government in our State of Karnataka in the year 2008. B.S. Yeddyurappa was the main reason behind the birth of this Government..

Even as the B.J.P emerged as the single largest party and was trying to get to the magic number of 113 seats, the same night using the help from illegal mining lobby, land mofia, illegal methods and through unethical operation Lotus, the Yeddyurappa Government was formed.

As Yeddyurappa took up the post of Chief Minister wearing a green shawl and in the name of farmers, he was destined to fail B.S. Yeddyurappa miserably. His vision was not for good governance but for looting the State. The amazing part was that even B.S. Yeddyurappa was aware of this certainty.

Do you know why? Because the main persons behind the formation of the Government were the Bellary Reddy brothers who were the champion illegal miners. Hence from that moment Yeddyurappa became a puppet in the hands of Reddy brothers.

Yeddyurappa thought that through Reddy brothers, who were making rivers of money flow into their personel treasury, he can also make money. All these thoughts resulted in undertaking corrupt activities by Yeddyurappa. Encouraging the illegal mining activities, posting of all the corrupt officials who were hand in glove with the Reddy brothers to Bellary, etc.. With this, Yeddyurappa started looting the money and his each and every decision had a hidden agenda of corruption.

Like the saying “When the fate is against you even a Brinjal will become a Ghost”, De-notification of Land, Kickbacks, collecting huge sums through official transfers etc.. all these were undertaken. The result was that Yeddyurappa who was known as the sole hard worker of the B.J.P. Party had to step down as the Chief Minister and was sent to jail. This became one of the worst black mark or catastrophe in the history of Karnataka State.

Hence the Lokayukta report was successful in exposing the bad governance of B.J.P in the state of Karnataka and bringing down Yeddyurappa. Until then Yeddyurappa who was governing with pride s, collecting huge sums through official transfers etc.. all these were undert and basking on his former glory was disgraced and humiliated and was declared as most corrupt by not only people from the opposition parties but people from B.J.P itself.

Therefore he was utterly dishonored and was brought down from the Chief Minister post. Hence from B.J.P headquarters word was spreading that the party image was suffering because of the presence of Yeddyurappa in the party and hence he must be removed from the party. Yeddyurappa who thought that B.J.P meant Yeddyurappa and Yeddyurappa meant B.J.P was taken aback and traumatized. Half of his energy had dissipated. His 40 years work as a B.J.P party worker and 50 years work as R.S.S cadre was all in vain and he was just totally mortified.

Everybody in the B.J.P. including the stalwart leader of the B.J.P. Sri L.K Advani, treated Yeddyurappa as an untouchable. The situation was so bad that the B.J.P leaders did not even see eye to eye when Yeddyurappa had flown to New Delhi to rectify the situation. He had to return empty handed as he was not able to convince the party leadership. He tried to blackmail all the leaders, but in vain.

Therefore when the situation was going out of hand Yeddyurappa began his circus acts by first forming his own political party, the K.J.P after saying good bye to B.J.P. Hence by starting the K.J.P, he became an opposition party to the B.J.P.

The Bellary kings, the Reddy brothers had left the B.J.P even before the formation of the K.J.P. and this had led to the B.J.P losing one of its legs. Now it lost another leg due to Yeddyurappa forming his own party. B.J.P was sluggishly moving due to the loss of two of its vain four legs. Then the elections of the local bodies in the state of Karnataka was held. These elections which were the precursor to the assembly elections saw all the three parties, the B.J.P, the K.J.P and the B.S.R all failing miserably. All the leaders of these three parties were stunned and taken aback by these election results. Then in the Karnataka State or the Vidhana Sabha elections the same results were repeated and the Congress was voted back to power, they won the elections in most parts of the State including in the strongholds of the B.J.P. and all the three parties B.J.P, K.J.P and the B.S.R started realising their mistakes.

The B.J.P. was very eager to bring back all its former party leaders who had left the party. Even these leaders were desperate to get back to their mother party the B.J.P. All measures were taken from both the sides to join back. How did these leaders behave before joining back to the mother party? How many vendetta attacks against Yeddyurappa by the B.J.P leaders? How did Yeddyurappa acted against B.J.P and the party leaders of B.J.P? What all was said? How all they wrestled against each other like Arjuna and Babruvahana? Ultimately what happened to all these clashes and quarrels? The answers to these questions is the next story. This is one of the best forms of entertainment for people watching from outside. This is a live example of the annihilation of morality in politics. This is a excellent example of people embarrassed by the foolishness of these leaders. This is the ill-fate of 6 crore Kannadigas. Please go ahead and read on. A collection of B.J.P's unabashed activities has been portrayed for you. A list of all the events that took place between Yeddyurappa leaving B.J.P and then rejoining the B.J.P is given below.

“I have left B.J.P for good and shall not even look back at that party again. Ever since I left the party (thrown out of the party) the B.J.P leaders are spreading rumors of my rejoining the party, this is because they are jealous of the development of my party the K.J.P, and are constantly trying to disrupt the progress of the K.J.P. I shall never return to B.J.P again.”

-This was the rock-solid speech given by Yeddyurappa.

“I am satisfied by the fact that the B.J.P no longer has leaders who have faced C.B.I investigations and have faced jail time.”

- B.J.P leader Eshwarappa (on 20th March 2013)

What did B.J.P stalwart leader L.K. Advani say about Yeddyurappa?

“The party has been embarrassed by this event of Yeddyurappa being imprisoned for his land scams. It will be impossible to fight against corruption, in the upcoming elections by having people like Yeddyurappa in our party. We do not want such corrupt leaders; our party should be clean and free from corruption.”

These were the words spoken by veteran leader Sri. Advani during B.J.P. party meet at Nagpur, after Yeddyurappa was jailed

Ok, now coming to the current situation. This is what is known as shameless politics. These were just previews of the main story which starts now.

It is a well known fact that the B.J.P lost the elections in the State to the Congress due to the corrupt activities of its leaders who are now alienated. In order to grab powers at the Centre, the B.J.P. leaders are scheming against the Congress and have reached this desperate state. As a result of this they needed some leader to attract the attention of the nation towards them. That person who could raise his voice against the centre and other states where B.J.P was not in power was the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi who was a hard core Hindutva activist whose hands were blood red by the 2002 Gujarat riots. This had to be done because the B.J.P's only virtuous leader Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was bed ridden.

In spite of the corrupt activities of the B.J.P, the people still supported only because of the trust they had in the honorable leader Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. As soon as Vajpayee went behind the scenes the entire nation lost all hope and trust in B.J.P.

Although the B.J.P party workers accepted Sri. L.K. Advani as the next leader, the nation rejected him. Hence as the party was leaderless it turned towards Narendra Modi. Even Narendra Modi was not capable of attracting people based on his political knowledge. Hence Modi resorted to emotional tactics by enforcing Hindutva, sculpting of Sardar Vallabhai Patel's statue and particularly the using of the “Corruption” tag. He is using these false technique more colourfully to fight the upcoming general elections.

His tactics can be clearly seen in him offering a red carpet welcome to the corrupt Yeddyurappa who due to his corruption, landed in jail, lost his C.M post and had turned away from the B.J.P.

During the tenure of Yeddyurappa as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, the extent of his corruption, the kind of circus carried out in order to remain as the C.M by accommodating the most corrupt people of the State, all these details are best elucidated by his own party members apart from the people of the State.

Which leaders from Delhi had detailed the scams of Yeddyurappa and which other state leaders had followed suit? What did Yeddyurappa and his followers say about those leaders? Is there any meaning at all, now that they have joined hands once again in order to come to main stream politics? The only hope for B.J.P is Narendra Modi and his visit to Karnataka has galvanized Modi- Yeddyurappa schemers.

When Yeddyurappa himself has obtained a doctorate in corruption how can anyone praise Modi who is himself a scamster. Under these circumstances how can anyone believe Modi or Yeddyurappa or their objectives? This book discusses hundreds of such problematic questions and provides the answers. More so more questions will surface about their malicious activities.

Yeddyurappa had deserted B.J.P under the pretext that he could not stay even for a second in B.J.P and thereby formed his own party. That was the case for forming his new party. Unlike other politicians who desert a party when they are frustrated, Yeddyurappa deserted B.J.P with profit as his sole motive. Also when a seasoned politician feels suffocated and comes out of a party, others welcome him with open arms. But this is not the case with Yeddyurappa, every party knew that Yeddyurappa was a dangerous person with no moral values. Therefore none of the other parties wanted Yeddyurappa to join their party. Hence in order to survive Yeddyurappa had to form his own party.

In this background Yeddyurappa deserted B.J.P and formed K.J.P. According to Yeddyurappa himself some 70 MLAs were supporting him. This is not small number. With this number even a small local party could form the Government. Yeddyurappa's statement had sent jitters to the leaders in New Delhi. The dilemma was that if Yeddyurappa is sent out of the party his supporting MLAs might also leave the B.J.P and the Government will fall. Therefore they were afraid of taking action against Yeddyurappa until Yeddyurappa himself announced his resignation from B.J.P on 30th November 2012 and walked out of B.J.P. Thereafter he toured the State and formed K.J.P and roared like Bhabruvahana and all this has now become history. This rhetoric died down in 400 days when Yeddyurappa returned to B.J.P on 9th January 2014. During these intervening 400 days Yeddyurappa vowed to destroy the presence of B.J.P in the State.

The ugly fight between the B.J.P and the K.J.P

In November 2012 while resigning from B.J.P and forming the K.J.P, Yeddyurappa had roared that he had toiled and built the foundation of B.J.P in the state brick by brick, like a potter putting considerable time and effort to shape a pot which could be destroyed in no time, similarly it was painful for him to see all his efforts and time go in vain. The Formation of the K.J.P was not for settling scores with his detractors or enemies. Yeddyurappa’s first and foremost dream was to build, develop and bring prosperity to Karnataka which was possible only with a strong regional party in order to fulfill his dreams Yeddyurappa started the K.J.P.

Thereafter on 7th December 2012, Yeddyurappa had told that the leaders of B.J.P were envious of his growth and popularity and new programmes were never allowed to be taken up by the B.J.P leaders so Yeddyurappa was feeling suffocated in B.J.P and that he was only supposed to be a slave to the dictates of the high command, therefore he was constrained to quit B.J.P.

On March 22, 2013 at Mysore, when Yeddyurappa was addressing the workers of K.J.P he said that Ananth Kumar of B.J.P was a clever trickster and Ananth Kumar knew that The ugly fight between the B.J.P and the K.J.P the B.J.P was a sinking ship and therefore he had anointed Prahalad Joshi as the President and made him a scape goat.

Similarly at Shimoga in an another meeting, Yeddyurappa had roared that “Eshwarappa was only interested in destroying the B.J.P and where as he had no such evil intentions. If at all Eshwarappa had the wherewithal, he should have contested the Shimoga Corporation elections and have won it.”

On September 6th 2013, Yeddyurappa had told that “I had built the B.J.P in the state from a scratch but now I am have been treated as an accused and therefore I will never return to this party during my lifetime.”

Thereafter while talking to his party workers Yeddyurappa had told that “There is no question of merging the K.J.P with the B.J.P, I will tour the entire state and build K.J.P from the grass root level. Some people are giving contradictory statements about the merger, these are mere gossips and nobody should believe such statements.”

Yeddyurappa had been criticizing the B.J.P all along-

“It is certainty that B.J.P may come to power in Gujrat not because of B.J.P but only due to the efforts of Narendra Modi.”
(This statement was probably made by Yeddyurappa to impress that he alone was capable of building a brand similar to Gujarat model in Karnataka.)

South Canara is the core of the RSS in Karnataka. Yeddyurappa had told once that

“I will build a new party (K.J.P) and take on its reins and I will not repeat my mistakes. I am not the Yeddyurappa of the yesterdays. I have severed all my links with RSS. In future I will adopt only the values and principles of the K.J.P.”

The wide gap between promise and performance

Should one call this as Political Chaos….. foolishness …….. shameless act. Whatever be the case, it is left to the people of Karnataka to judge. The matter is that Yeddyurappa as a leader of B.J.P had professed and uttered that one should deliver whatever one has promised. But what about those promises? In the past Saint Basavanna had told that the words must be like a necklace of pearls and the words should be sparkling and crystal clear….But look at Yeddyurappa who claims to be a sincere follower of Saint Basavanna! You can alone judge his actions. What about the leaders of B.J.P who had rudely criticized Yeddyurappa when he left B.J.P? Some of the utterances of D.V. Sadananda Gowda, K.S. Eswarappa are self explanatory :

Place : Belagavi

Date : 12-12-2013

A Good Riddance

Eshwarappa- “Yeddyurappa’s exit is like the Sheni leaving the party”.

D.V. Sadananda Gowda- “Yeddyurappa’s exit is like the exit of Bhasmasura, now the party has been cleansed.”

(Ah! What words! Let us see their further comments at Belagavi)

“After Yeddyurappa left the party the stigma attached to the party as a corrupt party has also been removed. Now the party has regained strength and purity.”

In continuation the said leaders had asked the party workers not to worry about the K.J.P as it was a miniscule party. In Karnataka B.J.P’s main rival is the Congress and in some regions the JD(S). They had called upon the party workers to ignore Yeddyurappa and K.J.P all together.

Infact D.V Sadananda Gowda had ridiculed Yeddyurappa –

“Yeddyurappa was claiming to have the support of 70 MLAs but only 13 MLAs have gone out with him. Where are the remaining MLAs?”

Eshwarappa had also told that “The Saturn that was affecting the B.J.P has been got rid off and that if the circumstances are not conducive, we are ready to give up the governance. Is Yeddyurappa’s K.J.P a political party? What are its aims and objectives? Is it interested in building this nation at all?”

Inspite of all these peculiar developments and some MLAs and ministers exiting along with Yeddyurappa the B.J.P high command did not take any cognizance and they were just sitting like passive spectators. What were they waiting for?.....

Amid this political drama Yeddyurappa continued to throw gauntlets at the B.J.P “If the B.J.P leaders had any guts take action against me and my followers instead of sitting quite. If they have any moral fiber let them resign the Government and face the elections.”

“They have called me as Saturn(Sheni) and Bhasmasura. I am not at all perturbed. Let God give them the strength to win the elections and form the Government.”

Eshwarappa had asserted that – “We are not at all afraid of taking any disciplinary action. We have for the time being sent all the reports to our leaders and we are awaiting their directions.”

Yeddyurappa went on ridiculing the B.J.P leaders at the State and the Center-

“Beware, Do not come anywhere near my supporters. There is no point in just dismissing a minister (Shobakka) or two. There is no meaning in taking such ineffectual steps. If they had any guts they should have taken action against all the MLAs supporting me.”

Yeddyurappa had also charged that “Chief Minister Jagdish Shetter had entered into a secret pact with the JD(S) and that Shetter should remember that very soon he is going to lose his Chief Ministership and abandon his red - beaconed vehicles and run away.”

There are many more interesting incidents which should be brought to your notice.

Eshwarappa- “It is a relief to inform that Yeddyurappa who is facing CBI enquiry and has already served time in the prison is not with us anymore.”

Shoba Karandajne – “Ananth Kumar the MP from the state is dreaming of becoming the Chief Minister which will never materialize in the present circumstances.”

Presently do you believe what Yeddyurappa had uttered?

“It was unanimously decided by the elders to merge K.J.P and B.J.P through mutual reconciliation and steps are underway to strengthen the party’s foundation in this direction.”

Yeddyurappa is a paper tiger;

Eshwarappa has retorted:

“Yeddyurappa who deserted the B.J.P has become a paper tiger. The person who was claiming as - I am everything, everything is depending on me, has now lost everything.”
“When Yeddyurappa’s son was given a ticket for the Lok Sabha elections I had prevailed that father-son duo should not be encouraged. Thus my remarks had antagonized Yeddyurappa. But due to Yeddyurappa’s decision to bring his children to politics had landed him in deep trouble.”

The State was destroyed during B.J.P rule

On 18-01-2013 Yeddyurappa had told that –

“The State was destroyed along with the B.J.P. After I resigned my Chief Ministership my successors namely Shetter and Sandananda Gowda have ruined the State. The Law and order situation has worsened. Lawlessness and crimes have escalated and the home minister (R. Ashok) should be ashamed of his own ministry.”

“I was a slave under the high command of B.J.P and I am a very much relieved person now. The K.J.P is going to create a new history in the state.”

Also during January 2013 in a meeting Yeddyurappa had mentioned his successor Jagdish Shetter as –

“The project which I had initiated during my Chief Ministership are still being inaugurated by my successor Jagdish Shetter. He is only engrossed in this activity and he has not taken any initiative or interest to start new project or programs.”

There is an important point here to be debated. Yeddyurappa and his Will the people forget we have been to jail? supporters were treated shabbily by the B.J.P days before Yeddyurappa submitted his resignation. Infact Yeddyurappa had even selected a date for submitting his resignation and when he was planning to proceed to Vidhana Souda to announce his resignation from that very moment B.J.P leaders started ill treating Yeddyurappa.

Somehow Yeddyurappa and his supporters managed to reach Vidhana Souda but the speaker of the Assembly was absent on purpose. Yeddyurappa had to wait for hours. It was like a common man waiting for hours in front of ration shop.

It was perhaps for the first time in the history that a senior politician of a state was subjected to such mistreatment when he had decided to leave the party. There are no records of such maltreatment or embarrassment caused to any politician both when he wanted to leave the party or rejoin the party. This is simply not possible for any level headed politician to digest.

For this act of any politician leaving the party and rejoining soon after under stressful conditions Yeddyurappa must be saluted.

Disgusting drama

On that day the disgusting drama that was enacted in Vidhana Soudab was supported by Yeddyurappa’s ministerial colleague Udasi and a few legislators. C.M Udasi is a senior politician. He has served the State for many years. When the Joint Secretary of the Legislative Assembly tried to pacify the leader, Udasi was very much upset with him. Later Yeddyurappa and his supporters Katta and M.D Laksminarayan arrived. But the situation did not abate because speaker Bopaiah had been sent on a foreign tour by the B.J.P with the sole purpose of pre-empting Yeddyurappa’s plans. Look at this disgusting drama. The B.J.P knew that the moment Yeddyurappa and his supporters submit their resignations the B.J.P would lose its majority and the Government would fall. B.J.P which was hell bent on retaining the power was behind this disgusting drama.

Do you know what Eshwarappa had told at this juncture?

“It is a pity that the Legislators have resigned at the behest of Yeddyurappa and I feel sorry for them. Even Indira Gandhi could not cause any harm to B.J.P. That being the case how can Yeddyurappa damage the B.J.P. It is like a rat showing its prowess to a mighty elephant. Yeddyurappa has succumbed to the blackmailing tactics of the Congress because Yeddyurappa is afraid of the Congress initiating a CBI probe against Yeddyurappa.”
Such were the hostile words used by Eshwarappa against Yeddyurappa then.

But look at what Eshwarappa is telling us today-

“Yeddyurappa’s return to the mother party has provided elephantine strength to the party.”
Can anyone believe this statement. It is true that we have two hands each but the B.J.P has two tongues as can be made out from the above contradictory statements of Eshwarappa.

Whatever it is the following politicians have stood behind Yeddyurappa, we are just providing their names so that the people can keep in their minds, Disgusting drama They are CM Udasi, Shoba Kharandaje, M Chandrappa(Holkere), Tippeswami (Challakere), BP Harish(Harihara), Nehru Olekar (Haveri), Haratalu Hallappa (Soraba), Suresh Gowda Patil (Byadagi), IS Chikangoudar (Kundagouda), Basavaraj Attur (Basavakalyana), DS Suresh (Tarikere) and Vittala Katakadonda (Nagatana).

They must reprimanded

However finally at the end of this disgusting drama, Yeddyurappa and his 13 supporting legislators managed to submit their resignations but the speaker was not there to receive them. Some of the utterances of the leaders are reproduced here under:

“If at all if Jagdish Shetter who has lost his majority has any ethics or moral principles he should tender his resignation immediately. Otherwise the people should reprimand him.” – Yeddyurappa

Eshwarappa was not far behind to justify the actions of B.J.P. He asserted –

“This is the game plan of Congress. There is unseen hand of Congress in Yeddyurappa’s drama of resignation. Yeddyurappa has chosen a time when the Speaker was not in his chambers and is now throwing tantrums. At this moment we do not know about the whereabouts of the Speaker.”

The then Chief Minister also tried to justify by saying –”The Government is safe even after their resignations(?) Yeddyurappa has forgotten that the Chief Minister’s position commands respect and is using unparliamentary words against the Chief Minister which is uncalled for.”

However after all this drama Yeddyurappa has rejoined the B.J.P (The reason given by him for this… Not for power… But to see Narendra Modi being made to the Prime Minister’s post which has been his ambition and in order to fulfill this ambition Karnataka has to return atleast 20 MPs out of 28 seats from the state in order to facilitate Modi becoming the PM). But what about the Legislators who have blindly believed Yeddyurappa and followed suit? They are now neither there nor here. Who is responsible for this dilemma?

This is the question repeatedly being asked by the people of Karnataka. They must reprimanded Yeddyurappa who, during his Chief Ministership had exploited the Speaker’s office to contain some of the disgruntled Legislators had to himself undergo the same maltreatment from the Speaker Bopaiah. This is like a TIT for TAT treatment.

Replete with Scandals

Boxing bout by the seniors leaves the followers in a fix

Throughout his political career Yeddyurappa has been indulging in boxing bouts. Only those who had understood Yeddyurappa had stopped believing him. Because of his constant fights with all and sundry he has lost the trust of the people and got landed in a pitiable state. Even when he was in power (B.J.P) he used to fight continuously and therefore many had distanced from him. From the very moment he was sworn as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Yeddyurappa initiated his evil schemes. The very first example is that he dressed himself as a farmer in green towel and arrived at Raj Bhavan for the swearing in ceremony. He did not swear in the name of God or truth or the Constitution. But he swore in the name of the poor peasant.Perhaps the people of Karnataka were dumbstruck by his attire as also his allegiance for farmers. And the farmers also heaved a sigh of relief trusting that the CM will solve all their problems and predicaments. The farmers jumped in joy for they believed that a true friend of farmers has arrived.

Merciless Actions

Che…. Unfortunately the very next day at Haveri when the farmers went to buy the seeds and fertilizers they had to face the bullets. Ultimately Yeddyurappa who had promised relief to farmers had as a very first step killed a hapless farmer using the state machinery. This very first incident had exposed Yeddyurappa’s duplicity and his mask was uncovered and his true colours of hunger for power, opportunism and evil intentions got exposed. Yeddyurappa who had promised to help the farmers had stumbled in his very first step. Yeddyurappa who was after money and power had joined hands with the Reddy brothers to cheat the exchequer.

In the name of development, infrastructure and industrialization Yeddyurappa and his henchmen had robbed hundreds and thousands of acres of fertile land from the poor farmers. And all those farmers who opposed the fertile land grabbing were sent to jail. Fake and fictitious criminal cases were slapped on the pitiable farmers.

The tears shed by hundreds of farmers became Yeddyurappa’s drowning pool. The farmers who had deserted their villages and towns returned only after Yeddyurappa was sent to Jail on account of Land scams. Perhaps some of the criminal cases filed against the farmers are still pending?

During the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, Yeddyurappa had promised not to give a seat to his son. Infact he had publically asserted that he would not allow his son to enter politics. But within days he retracted his statements and pressured his colleagues to provide a Lok Sabha ticket to his son Raghavendra to fight the elections from Shimoga. This incident widened the differences of opinion between the state B.J.P president and Yeddyurappa. But see today like the Gazni Mohammed returning again and again, Yeddyurappa who had once again asserted that Yeddyurappa or his son will not stand for the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, suddenly he has made a U turn and has announced his candidature from Shimoga (?).

Now that Yeddyurappa is fighting the Lok Sabha elections as a B.J.P candidate exhibits his evil intentions, political game plan and hunger for power. This is only a sample of his long list of his political deceptions.

Those who believed Yeddyurappa and followed his footsteps have become villains now. They are former minister Dhananjay Kumar, CM Udasi, Renukacharya, former Legislator Nehru Olekar and Umesh Katti who was the right hand for Katta. Where are they all now? It has become political history.

The very K.J.P party which was started by Yeddyurappa has become an orphan, which was born amid hatredness, revengeful attitude and hunger for power. More than this Yeddyurappa wanted to settle personal vendetta. The party promoted by him neither had any objectives nor was concerned about the welfare of the populace. Therefore the party which had dawned in the morning had set by evening. And those who had boarded this sinking ship have now sunk with the party.

Dhananjay Kumar who had criticized the supreme leader of the B.J.P Lal Krishna Advani as a corrupt person, was the first and foremost to join K.J.P and is now a disgraced person. He believed in the K.J.P and was very vocal when he joined K.J.P and went on criticizing the B.J.P cadres while coming out of that party and incidentally he was expelled from B.J.P also.

In December 2012 Dhananjay Kumar had extolled the K.J.P cadres –

”If B.J.P has any guts let them expel the legislators who have joined hands with Yeddyurappa. The central leadership of B.J.P. had no such guts. Even if the state leaders have any self respect or morality let them take action against the 29 Legislators including some ministers who had defied party direction and attended Yeddyurappa’s K.J.P convention.”

When Yeddyurappa launched K.J.P, several leaders not only hailed the decision but also enthusiastically joined him under the impression that K.J.P is certain to win the Assembly elections and form the Government. They never imagined they are going to become laughing stock for their decision to join K.J.P. In this background Dhananjay Kumar had been anointed as the president of the K.J.P Publicity committee. Dhananjay Kumar proudly accepted the post and was overconfident of K.J.P winning the elections. But where is Dhananjay Kumar now?

Only Yeddyurappa can answer this question.

Dhananjay Kumar was not only overconfident but was also over vociferous in attacking the national leaders of B.J.P and was calling them as completely corrupt. He also maintained that B.J.P will be routed out and they will not win even a single seat. If the B.J.P had any guts they should forthwith dissolve the assembly and face the elections then only the true strength of Jagdish Shetter, DV Sadananda Gowda and KS Eshwarappa will be revealed.

The Tiger of Honnali, Renukacharya who was claiming to be the “Manasa Putra” of Yeddyurappa had roared as follows:-

“The day Yeddyurappa resigned from primary membership of B.J.P and resigned from the Assembly, it can be hailed as the blackest day for the B.J.P. My godfather and leader had asked me not to attend the K.J.P meeting, but in the aftermath of Yeddyurappa exiting the B.J.P I had conducted a meeting of the party men and taken certain decisions. Because my leaders advised me to attend the Haveri meeting I have not attended it, but I am going to take a decision soon to quit B.J.P.”

But where is Renukacharya now? Only Yeddyurappa can answer this question.

When Yeddyurappa launched K.J.P after resigning from B.J.P do you know what the then home minister R. Ashok uttered?

“B.J.P existed even before Yeddyurappa arrived. B.J.P was popular not because of Yeddyurappa but because of the grass root workers who have been toiling for years. Even if Yeddyurappa resigns from B.J.P the party will not suffer. When AK Subbaiah was the State president of B.J.P there were 18 Legislators from the party. Similarly when Ananth Kumar was the State president B.J.P’s strength had risen to 79 seats. If one leader leaves the party, the party will not sink because the foundation of B.J.P finds strength from grass root workers.”

Dhananjay Kumar spoilt by bad company

One person was spoilt by playing, another was spoilt by looking, yet another was spoilt by doing and finally another person was spoilt by bad company. Who are these people spoilt and became unpopular throughout the state?

There is no need to discuss this openly or there is no need to hide any fact. However who is the person who was spoilt due to bad company. He is no other than Dhanjay Kumar who was the former central minister who had joined Yeddyurappa and who was spoilt due to this bad company!

When Yeddyurappa resigned from B.J.P and started K.J.P, Yeddyurappa’s mouth piece was Dhananjay Kumar. He was not only a powerful leader at the center as a minister at that time. Presently it is lamentable that the same Dhananjay Kumar is now waiting to be invited by the JD(S) Dhananjay Kumar spoilt by bad company leaders to join their party. Yeddyurappa is solely responsible for this sorry state of affairs of Dhananjay Kumar. When Yeddyurappa resigned from B. J.P, Dhananjay Kumar stood beside him. Moreso he believed in Yeddyurappa’s strength and started attacking the B.J.P stalwart LK Advani and B.J.P National President Nitin Gadkari.

“Advani is a corrupt person and he has not come clean.”
Dhananjay Kumar had maintained. But all these utterances are now history.

Even after losing his face Dhananjay Kumar is maintaining that he is ready to prove with facts and figures that Advani is corrupt.

Whatever is the fact Yeddyurappa utilized Dhananjay Kumar with ulterior motives for his selfish gains and then threw him out.

It is not only Dhananjay Kumar who was exploited by Yeddyurappa but also Legislators Basavaraju and Renukacharya. The list is endless, all these people have lost their face and whatever little morality was left was also lost because of Yeddyurappa. Strangely now Yeddyurappa is claiming to be toiling to make Narendra Modi as the PM of India and strengthen the B.J.P party cadres.

In politics anything can happen at any time especially in the party like the B.J.P. Can there be any better example other than what has been narrated? Such things are happening because the powers are vested with only a handful of persons and this fact is known to even a common man in the state.

B.J.Ps leaders are not foolish, they are not encouraging Yeddyurappa because of their love for him or for the welfare of the country. The secret is that they do not want an individual to go out of the party and create trouble. Therefore they are encouraging him to remain in the party. Now that K.J.P has become history and Yeddyurappa has rejoined B.J.P the damage if any to the party is preempted. But one should remember that Yeddyurappa had promised to fight till his supporters were duly recognised, has now abandoned them in mid sea and is trying to reach the shores all by himself. Whether he reaches the shore or not or drowns midway is yet another puzzle. But in any case due to this political circus Dhananjay Kumar and others who were the pillars of K.J.P are now repenting themselves. It is unfortunate that they had bestowed their trust on Yeddyurappa and had considered Yeddyurappa as their sole leader and also, that their aim was to destroy B.J.P in Karnataka. And that they were ready to face defeat in the process. They had maintained that not even a single B.J.P candidate should win.

This is the sorry state of affairs and a story comes to our mind. Once a monkey was playing with its young one and both fell down into a deep pit. Unfortunately the pit started filling up with water and the monkey tried its best to save the young one first by keeping it on its back, then on its shoulder and ultimately on its head. But when the big monkey was itself in the danger of drowning it thought of its own safety rather than the safety of its young one. It at once put down the young one to the bottom of the pit and stood on it and tried to save itself.

This has what has happened here also. “Only I need to survive. Only I need to enjoy power and I can exploit people who are depending on me” has been the motto of Yeddyurappa. Incidentally Yeddyurappa was claiming himself to be a “born fighter” has been deserting his supporters throughout. But now he has chosen to return to the mother party as a last resort. His justification that he is contesting under the B.J.P banner because of popular demand is a hollow claim indeed.

From the beginning Yeddyurappa has been lamenting that B.J.P was solely responsible for not only destroying him but also for sending him to jail. He said -”My predicament is solely due to the B.J.P’s evil designs, they had stabbed me in the back. They had also schemed to finish me off. All these evil designs were planned by my own colleagues and not by the any other party. They have misinformed me and I was made to believe them. That is why I am facing innumerable problems. My problems were aggravated due to the efforts of Ananth Kumar and KS Eshwarappa.” Many people believed Yeddyurappa and they were afraid of losing their stature and therefore they followed Yeddyurappa wherever he went and believed in whatever Yeddyurappa said.

Interestingly apart from Dhananjay Kumar many of the followers of Yeddyurappa were not from the RSS cadre. So there was no need for them to follow B.J.P’s principles and ideals. They never had any good opinion or relationship with B.J.P. When Yeddyurappa came out and scolded B.J.P leaders and maintained that he had severed all relationships with B.J.P and RSS, the second line leaders went with him.

Whatever may be the principle or ideals of the party, the sole motto of K.J.P was to grab power. There was neither any concern for the well being of people nor was there any concern for the welfare of the State. Therefore it was clear that this party was not going to last long. Despite this knowledge the K.J.Ps leaders have changed horses mid-way in a stream and now they are neither able to go forward or backward.

There is another point which calls everybody’s attention. There are hundreds and thousands of amateur politicians who are susceptible to the evil designs of their leaders and fall prey to them willingly. It goes with the proverb that those who can manage here can manage there and those who cannot manage here cannot manage there.

There at Bellary Sriramulu who was the right hand of the Reddy brothers started yet another party called as the B.S.R Congress. It is not any different from the K.J.P. People had flocked with Sriramulu and Reddy brothers rather reluctantly because of their money power irrespective of the backward status of Sriramulu or the minority status of some Muslims because Bellary has a large population of backward tribe owing allegiance to Sriramulu, the other predominant castes being the Lingayats and Vokkaligas. Here the leaders dictate their terms and therefore they had all endorsed Sriramulu. But they were not ready to accept the B.J.P principles. When Sriramulu came out of B.J.P many had followed suit, similar to the K.J.P. Now that Sriramulu has returned to B.J.P they are also slowly drifting away from him. And the Congress is going to gain a lot from this political development.

In this background all those who had blindly embarked on Yeddyurappa’s ship called as K.J.P are now stuck in a waterless tank and trying to return back to their respective positions.

Unfortunately Yeddyurappa has contaminated himself by first trying his luck with B.J.P and later with K.J.P and now again returning to the B.J.P thereby others are reluctant to recognise him or welcome him to their fold.

Yeddyurappa who was maintaining that he was fighting only for the welfare of his supporters and followers and that he never aspired for any personal fortunes, and that only that his supporters were very important to him, has now revealed his true colours and is contesting the election from Shimoga under the B.J.P banner after deserting the said supporters and followers, leaving them high and dry.

Untrustworthy leaders

There are examples of some leaders cheating the public for some years. Any leader who deserts a party for his selfish purposes is also likely to lose his political powers in due course. In this very B.J.P we have seen popular leaders being discarded and losing their powers.

That leader may be Kalyan Singh or Uma Bharathi or any other person. People will judge them as untrustworthy for their actions. People have also seen leaders deserting a party and rejoining sometime later.

Can we examine Yeddyurappa’s stand and the reasons behind his deserting the B.J.P and also the reasons for his rejoining the party? We also need to reckon as to why the B.J.P allowed him to go out of the party in the first place. How did B.J.P come to power in Karnataka? Who was instrumental in forming the B.J.P Government? Was it due to Yeddyurappa’s individual strength? Or was it due to B.J.P’s popularity. If we examine closely neither is the correct reason, because Yeddyurappa seldom had any individual strength at all because when Yeddyurappa formed K.J.P there was hardly any public response. This fact has been established when K.J.P lost the Assembly elections as also the elections for the local bodies. Therefore this argument does not hold good. Moreover where Yeddyurappa failed, Jagdish Shetter could have succeeded and won the elections for the B.J.P, isn’t it? But this never happened.

Secondly, Karnataka had never welcomed the B.J.P with open arms. The public never trusted them. In the last 60 years of politics B.J.P had never reached the magic figure of 113 MLAs in the Assembly elections. During the 2009 elections B.J.P did not succeed because of Yeddyurappa nor because of B.J.P nor because of caste considerations. Then how did they win? They came to power by adopting illegal means and also money power. It was such a dangerous time that during the B.J.P governance i.e under RSS influence, only few trusted Sri Rama. All the remaining legislators, ministers took temporary umbrage under the Bellary Reddy Untrustworthy leaders Brothers or Chitradurga’s Goolihatti Shekar. Their political ambitions were so much so that they discarded their principles and ideals in the wind. That is how the B.J.P came to rule using money power and thereafter lost their Government due to money power.

Yeddyurappa won the elections due to sympathy and compassion because people wanted a change and showed sympathy towards Yeddyurappa. Even without the knowledge of this wave Yeddyurappa’s popularity was beginning to wane. Yeddyurappa never expressed his gratitude to the people of Karnataka or his supporters or electorate for electing him to power. He only imagined that he had won only because of his sheer strength and popularity. It was only that the electorate had no other option but to elect him, therefore he never expressed his gratitude to them. Because of his stubborn stand Yeddyurappa’s popularity waned and the rest is history.

Do we mean to say that Yeddyurappa and B.J.P are not aware of these facts? No, they are very much aware of this. B.J.P can never approach the people directly without wearing a face mask because people have always looked at B.J.P with suspicion and it is more so at present. Once upon a time Rama, Ram Mandir and Hindutva had influenced the electorate but even this face mask had fallen apart. Later Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin was made as an election issue by the B.J.P but even this did not hold good. After all these failures to influence the electorate B.J.P took up the platform of development and infrastructure. But what is the quantum of development the state has seen? Only the rank and cadre of the B.J.P have developed and enriched themselves, as noticed by the public.

Even though the B.J.P had promised a corruption free Government as an election issue, they themselves did not bother to take any meaningful steps to contain the growth of Corruption. For example, the very B.J.P party that had branded Yeddyurappa as corrupt has welcomed him back to the fold with open arms. How can anyone expect to contain corruption with a corrupt person amidst them? If we keep all these points in mind it becomes clear that Yeddyurappa is desperately trying to keep himself afloat with the support of a grassstrand, with the help of Narendra Modi, the Chief minister of Gujrat. When all other face masks have failed, Narandra Modi’s face mask has become the hallmark of B.J.P. Modi is the last ray of hope for the B.J.P cadres.

Far away objects are always enchanting. For example, we are not aware of what Narendra Modi has achieved and what are the developments that have taken place in Gujrat? People in Karnataka who are far away from Gujrat are under the wrong notion that Modi has achieved saintly miracles. Therefore B.J.P is projecting Modi as the Prime ministerial Candidate to come to power. That is why Yeddyurappa has returned to B.J.P, orphaning his own K.J.P as a last resort to retain his political existence. The very moment he realized this he made a U turn and started justifying his actions. He started changing his version on a day to day basis. “I never orphaned K.J.P. I never rejoined B.J.P. RSS is not my forte, Hindutva is not my plank but my only aim is to make Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of this country and heave a sigh of relief. That is my only ambition.” – Yeddyurappa began saying.

However, surreptitiously Yeddyurappa started step by step towards B.J.P. But his followers could not discern his evil motives at all. They trusted him till the end. Now all of them have ended their political careers and are loitering aimlessly. They had unnecessarily blamed the B.J.P leaders and had invited their wrath. They never anticipated that the second line leaders will be pushed to their graves by the back stabbing leaders. Now they are themselves repenting and openly admitting their mistakes. “It is like embarking on a rudderless, leaderless ship in a waterless horizon”- thus dozens of Yeddyurappa followers are expressing their anguish.

Only Yeddyurappa has rejoined B.J.P and he has got a reprieve and an opportunity to fight the elections from Shimoga. He is least bothered about the future of his followers. Even Yeddyurappa is not in a position to influence B.J.P to entertain any person of his choice. Such is the waned power of Yeddyurappa.

B.J.P is now fully aware of Yeddyurappa’s wickedness. Similarly Yeddyurappa is also aware of his limitations. Both Yeddyurappa and B.J.P are only biding their time. It is like a couple who have more or less separated due to mutual distrust yet they are compelled to pull on for the time being.

Wrestling between Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa

Presently Yeddyurappa has quitened. Even though he is contesting the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from Shimoga he doesn’t seem happy and smile on his face seems to have vanished from his face. This is because the situation has changed in Shimoga. Earlier the entire district from top to bottom was under the control of the B.J.P, but today the scenario has changed because almost all assembly seats as also the local bodies are under the control of Congress. In 2009 when Yeddyurappa’s son contested, Yeddyurappa who was the then Chief Minister himself lobbied and obtained a ticket for his son. Then it was easy because of the then prevailing circumstances. Now Yeddyurappa is not in power.As also he is finding it difficult to even retain his identity. After forming the K.J.P he had scolded senior leaders of B.J.P which will not be pardoned by them. In one year alone Yeddyurappa has shown his true colours.

Therefore nobody is ready to believe or trust him. “I will see that the B.J.P is destroyed in the State as also I will see to that the B.J.P candidates are totally defeated. I will exhibit my prowess to the entire country. I will finish off the leaders who had back stabbed me and I will see to that the B.J.P is routed out from Karnataka.” –had roared Yeddyurappa.

Yeddyurappa continued to challenge the B.J.P, “How can B.J.P survive without me. Even if I am defeated I don’t care. My objective is to defeat B.J.P”. Even during the State Assembly elections in 2013, Yeddyurappa had called the people to vote for Congress, wherever K.J.P candidates were not contesting. Ultimately the B.J.P and the K.J.P were both defeated. Congress came to power and the rest is history.

Let us know come back to the main topic. Preparations are underway for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. In this connection it is interesting to recall that during the 2013 Assembly elections in Shimoga, Yeddyurappa had challenged that “I will see to that KS Eshwarappa is defeated….If not my name….”. Coincidentally Eshwarappa was defeated and routed out in the Assembly elections. Eshwarappa was blown away like a leaf in a strong gale of Yeddyurappa and his K.J.P.

The entire 40 years of political career of Yeddyurappa was at stake. Then Eshwarappa was upset not because B.J.P lost and that he also lost his power but because he was routed in his own home constituency. But today Eshwarappa and Yeddyurappa have joined hands and rubbing shoulders together.

Yeddyurappa is our leader, Yeddyurappa is B.J.P and B.J.P is Yeddyurappa, is the motto but …..

But, What congratulatory words were spoken about Eshwarappa by Yeddyurappa? Can Eshwarappa forget the embarrassment caused by Yeddyurappa? Can Eshwarappa really pardon Yeddyurappa? Can Sarvagna’s words of wisdom be falsified? ……

Like this Eshwarappa is sulking with the wounds sustained at the hands of Yeddyurappa. Can anyone have the wisdom of pardoning the person who had humiliated him due to political vendetta? Can anybody believe that these incidents will be forgotten and forgiven?

Infact Eshwarappa is secretly waiting for an opportunity to take revenge against Yeddyurappa and now the opportunity is at the threshold. After facing defeat due to Yeddyurappa factor Eshwarappa was hiding his face with shame, but now a time has come for him to seek revenge. People might have forgotten that Yeddyurappa was instrumental in Eshwarappa’s defeat. But can Eshwarappa ever forget and forgive the humiliation?

During the 2009 Assembly elections B.J.P had won around 110 seats due to the efforts of Eshwarappa also. Therefore he was also a candidate for the Chief Ministership but due to the dictator like attitude of Yeddyurappa who had the entire Shimoga district under his control, Eshwarappa could not succeed.

In Shimoga Yeddyurappa was keen that only his family members should grow and therefore he had utilized his political influence to see that no other person from Shimoga could overtake him. Therefore he was tight fisted with the ministries and portfolios. Eshwarappa’s ambition to be a minister was thwarted by the evil designs of Yeddyurappa. He also managed to keep Eshwarappa away from power as also the deputy chiefministership or any ministership. Yeddyurappa’s tactics in keeping Eshwarappa away will not be forgotten by the latter.

Similarly Yeddyurappa has not given up his evil designs and political strategies. His mind is full of such evil thoughts. Eshwarappa is also sailing on the same boat. The outcome of Lok Sabha elections in Shimoga is quite apparent due to the wrestling between Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa. That is why Yeddyurappa is unable to smile and the charm seems to have vanished from his face.

Yeddyurappa is not so innocent as to believe that Eshwarappa has forgotten the past and is unable to take revenge against him. Infact Yeddyurappa knows more about the feelings of Eshwarappa than Eshwarappa himself.

Eshwarappa is also not so naïve as to remain silent during the elections. He had been sidelined due to evil political designs and therefore he is unrelenting and waiting for the right opportunity to take revenge. Because of all these development it is obsulately impossible for Yeddyurappa to win from Shimoga.

The very basis for the efforts to win 28 seats for the B.J.P from the state is that B.J.P should form the Government at New Delhi and that Narendra Modi should become the Prime minister and this will be possible only if all the 28 seats from the state are won by the B.J.P candidates. Therefore both Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa are maintaining that atleast 20 seats from the state will go to B.J.P.

“With the 20 elected representatives from B.J.P from the state we are confident of forming the Government at the center with Modi as the PM, this is our sole aim.” Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa are ascertaining. But secretly Eshwarappa is hoping that Yeddyurappa will be one among the defeated candidates.

Even if Yeddyurappa wins, Yeddyurappa will go to Delhi and thereby his influence in the state will be minimal, thinks Eshwarappa.

Trusted and ruined

When Yeddyurappa went out of B.J.P, the B.J.P. stalwarts had humiliated him to the core. They openly said that in order to escape punishment for his corruption and misdeeds Yeddyurappa has secretly sought Congress support and is now a puppet under their hands. Whenever the Congress pulls the strings at Delhi Yeddyurappa will follow suit here at Bangalore. His fear of C.B.I enquiry and consequent imprisonment are the reasons behind Yeddyurappa becoming a puppet of the Congress.

If he had continued in B.J.P, the Congress would have sent him to jail so in order to escape such a punishment Yeddyurappa has surrendered to Congress and at their behest has formed the K.J.P in order to satisfy the whims and fancies of Congress.” – these were all the cock and bull stories circulated by the B.J.P state leaders openly. “If Yeddyurappa wags his tail C.B.I will act and send him to jail. Therefore he is dancing to the Congress tunes.”- said the state B.J.P leaders then.

Like this the B.J.P – K.J.P horses were running amock without any directions. And by March-April 2013 the battle between B.J.P and K.J.P had reached a flash point or point of no return.

“I will see that the B.J.P is destroyed in the State as also I will see to that the B.J.P candidates are totally defeated. I will exhibit my prowess to the entire country. I will finish off the leaders who had back stabbed me and I will see to that the B.J.P is routed out from Karnataka.” –had roared Yeddyurappa.

In retaliation the then Chief Minister had asserted that “We have the development chart and nobody can cow-down the B.J.P. The strength of Trusted and ruined B.J.P can never be challenged or destroyed. It is not so easy; any individual who tries to destroy the party will himself get destroyed. It is certain that the B.J.P will win the 2013 Assembly elections and form the Government.”

Yeddyurappa was all the more anguished because according to him, “I had brought Jagdish Shetter who was a non entity to B.J.P. And I was also responsible for making him the Chief Minister of the State, he has no gratitude now and is unnecessarily scolding me and my party. In the coming elections the K.J.P is going to win and I’ll be the next Chief Minister. Without me B.J.P cannot even win 30-40 seats. Even with the Chief Minister of Gujrat, Modi canvassing in the State, B.J.P’s chances will not improve. And after this election the B.J.P will be routed out of the state.”

During the same period Yeddyurappa also scolded Basavaraju Bommai,

“I had with tearful eyes invited Bommai, but he did not heed. They are all untrustworthy. Infact I went to Bommai’s house and pleaded with him to join us, I never asked for any monitory support from him. I only told him that I will beg and form the party.”

Similarly Yeddyurappa had also uttered another truth that Bommai had asked him to “wait for some time, I(Bommai) will see to that you are made the president of the state B.J.P party. Please do not form a regional party in a hurry.”

Therefore Yeddyurappa had delayed the formation of the new party and thereby he could neither form a new party nor take up the reins of the B.J.P as its state president. Thus Yeddyurappa’s political career was at stake due to Bommai’s false promises. But Bommai’s justification is a open secret. In between this wrangle Jagdish Shetter had uttered that “Yeddyurappa’s main intention is not wining for K.J.P but to defeat B.J.P in the elections.”

Yeddyurappa was even more anguished by this statement. He had told that because of his efforts only Jagdish Shetter was made the Chief Minister of the state and that Jagdish Shetter had betrayed the state by releasing Cauvery waters to Tamil nadu in order to save his post. Therefore Yeddyurappa had told that, for the welfare of the state he had undertaken the padayatra.

Yeddyurappa had also directly criticized Eshwarappa for accusing Yeddyurappa of having entered into a secret pact with the Congress.

Yeddyurappa said – “I have no such mean idea of joining hands with other parties, such ideas are probably in Eshwarappa’s mind. Such unashamed thoughts will come only occur to Eshwarappa or Sadananda Gowda. I will never think on such lines. Let the Assembly elections be over, their fate will be decided on 8th May. If they get more than 45 seats or so I will quit politics. In a few days from now lot of political changes are going to take place and many from B.J.P are going to join K.J.P. If B.J.P leaders have any guts to retain them let them do so.”

Continuing his attack on B.J.P, Yeddyurappa said – “MP Ananth Kumar has shown the attitude of a fox. He has brought Prahalad Joshi who is a novice to state politics and made him the state president of B.J.P party and no sooner Joshi became the president of B.J.P, he has started attacking me. Where was he earlier? I was the one who had made him a Legislator. He has forgotten that and he is now attacking me.”

Yeddyurappa also criticized Jagdish Shetter for his presenting a shabby budget - “Shetter has in one week conducted two meetings and has announced some cheap programmes. Those programmes are only going to help his supporters monetarily to fill up their pockets. The state treasury will be bankrupted by him. His supporting ministers and MLAs are going to loot the state exchequer. I have already complained to the planning commission about Shetter’s evil intentions.”

Prahalad Joshi had also criticized Yeddyurappa for his baseless talks – “People should not vote in favour of a party without any foundation at all. It is a sheer waste to vote for the K.J.P. had already lost the local body elections and it is going to follow suit in the upcoming Assembly elections also.” Thus he had openly advised his supporters during the election campaign.

A dramatist called Ananth Kumar

Narendra Modi’s motto and campaign is against corruption in the country. Two people from the state have also been campaigning against corruption, on the sides of Narendra Modi. They are former minister and M.P Anantha Kumar and former chief minister Yeddyurappa. Both have during their tenures have amassed wealth and with due diligence they have camouflaged their clandestine activities.

If one has to have a taste of Ananth Kumar’s corrupt activities one has to go back to the NDA governance when Anantha Kumar was the Union Minister for Housing under Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He had embezzled large amounts of funds and had also been caught in the process.

The total amount embezzled by him is around 14,500 crores. Corruption and embezzlement will come to surface ultimately and therefore Ananth Kumar was caught. This incident is still fresh.

When Ananth Kumar talks about the corruption of others he should remember that he was himself corrupt. We all know about the corrupt practices of Yeddyurappa.

Ananth Kumar has all along enjoyed the patronage of the high command and his close contact with them. He has invested a portion of his ill gotten wealth to become a partner of a leading newspaper in Karnataka. However later he has come out of the said newspaper due to some misunderstanding.

Ananth Kumar has been elected five times from the Bangalore South Constituency. His only asset is that he is very close to the high command A dramatist called Ananth Kumar B.J.P has looted the BBMP treasury in Delhi and he enjoys patronage from RSS and caste factor.

Though basically he is from North Karnataka, he has settled in B a n ga l o re . T h e L o k s a b h a Bangalore South Constituency consist mainly of well educated, cultured and upper class citizens. After winning for the first time during the Vajpayee wave he has been able to get repeatedly elected.

But nothing much has been accomplished by him till date. Only due to his hollow promises and support from the senior leaders he has been able to sustain till date. But this time he is not going to succeed because his corrupt ways have been exposed.

Now the electorate of the constituency are alert and Ananth Kumar is himself drifting away from them. The fact that his margin of victory is reducing from election to election, now the graph of his winning spree is looking downwards.

For example, he had won by a margin of 66,000 votes in the 2004 elections, this margin was halved during the 2009 elections.

This shows his decreasing popularity. So the 2014 elections is going to be a uphill task for him because he has to face lot of disgruntled elements within his party who are toiling hard to see that Ananth Kumar is defeated. He has more enemies within his party than his opponents.

It is also clear that the sad state of affairs of the B.J.P and also Yeddyurappa’s present predicament is solely due to Ananth Kumar’s way of functioning which is known to all.

When Yeddyurappa was the Chief Minister Ananth Kumar was interfering with the affairs of the State and also prevented Yeddyurappa from taking constructive decisions. This was because Ananth Kumar wanted to see that Yeddyurappa did not survive for long.

When it comes to pulling the legs or pulling the carpet and pulling down politicians, Ananth Kumar has perfected this art and was successful in pulling down Yeddyurappa from the Chief Ministership. Not only so, Ananth Kumar was also indirectly responsible for sending Yeddyurappa to Parappana Agrahara jail. Now people are aware of Ananth Kumar’s duplicity, evil political games. And they are now distancing themselves from Ananth Kumar and therefore his political future is hazy. His dream of becoming a minister if B.J.P if elected to power is going to be shattered when the results are announced.