"I believe, Politics is a Medium to achieve Public Good with an ideology of Inclusion, of Equity and Equal Opportunity to all.

I believe, Development can only come through use of Technology, with innovation to suit the Local Conditions and Implemented by the Stake Holders through Community Participation.

Ultimately People are Solutions.

I Believe in the Ideology of love compassion and non violence of Mahatma Gandhi and the Ideology of Secularism and Socialism of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.

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नर्मदा किनारे परिक्रमावासी अपने अगले पड़ाव की ओर.......नर्मदे हर।।

नर्मदा परिक्रमा की एक झलक अंगारेश्वर, गुजरात में ....नर्मदे हर।

68th Day (December 6,2017) भाड़भूत से मल्हार रेसिडेंशियल सोसायटी, श्रवण चौकड़ी, भरूच, गुजरात। नर्मदे हर ।।

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