June 26, 2014

हिंदी में इस ब्लॉग को पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

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Awaiting Logical Conclusion


By Digvijaya Singh

I have been raising the issue of VYAPAM scam in MP since quite some time but the MP Government Public Relation Department with huge funds at their disposal has successfully blocked the story till about a week back.

But the arrest of BJP Ex- Minister Laxmi Kant Sharma has finally brought the scam in Media.

Uma Bharti has called it a bigger scam than Bihar's Fodder Scam and has been demanding a CBI enquiry.

But the MP Government has refused to hand it over to CBI.

In all 45 PILs were filed in MP High Court in September 2013 and no visible action was taken by the Judiciary till April 2014. Now the MP High Court has disposed off all these PILs and MP High Court has sue motto registered a writ petition in which Hon Chief Justice is personally monitoring the investigation by STF.

Although STF is headed by a very competent Police Officer he is still working under the administrative control of the CM who himself or his Family members may be accused in VYAPAM investigation.

STF had interrogated Laxmi Kant Sharma twice and let him off obviously under pressure.

Only now he has been arrested.

CM after returning from South Africa took a meeting to review the investigation of VYAPAM scam where along with STF officers, Chief Secretary and DGP were also present and it is reported that he conveyed his anger to the STF.

Is it not a blatant interference in the investigation of such a big scam where influential Politicians Bureaucrats and Police officials are under investigation?

Would Hon CJ MP High Court take note of this?

I am told the hearing of this case is being taken in camera. Such a sensitive case deserves a public hearing. I would strongly urge upon Hon CJ to hold public hearing.

Cracking of competitive exams has become a big business and now there is evidence of this from MP, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, UP, Gujarat, Delhi, Haryana and Bihar.

Which fully justifies the case to be handed over to CBI but I am convinced this won't happen.

Now I believe shirts stitched with Blue Tooth, tiny ear phones and a SIM card are available in the market! Examinee can sit in the examination hall and speak to persons outside without the examiner coming to know of it.

There are reports of certain teams who specialise in cracking entrance exams of even UPSC !

As the needle of suspicion is pointing towards CM Shivraj Singh, his Family and other influential people all out efforts are being made to demoralise STF through Media.

Strategy is simple. Plant stories of high handedness of STF through Public Relations Department.

MP DGP ordered Range IGs to arrest students and their parents who unwittingly were victims of these scamsters.

Even those students who have failed in VYAPAM exams are being picked up. One girl who has not even appeared for the exam has been arrested.

All students who have unsuspectingly become victims of scamsters should be made approvers and not accused. They thought this is very much a part of the system. Students who have been arrested and also who are absconding should fearlessly give the names of those who have duped them.

The authors of the scam are the culprits and not the students and their families.

Indiscriminate arrests of students by MP Police not part of the STF, has been done to muddle the investigation and destroy the credibility of STF investigation.

This has also been done to divert the attention of STF from interrogation of Laxmi Kant Sharma who can spill the beans.

Sudhir Sharma the Master Brain of the whole scam is absconding.

Deepak Yadav one of the key operators of the scam is absconding.

Mohit Chowdhry student of 3 rd year MBBS of Indore Medical College the genius who used scanner with Blue Tooth to scan the paper and get all the right answers from outside is absconding.

Bharat Misra with the right connections is also absconding.

Enough for now. All eyes are on MP High Court and STF whether they would be able to take this case to its logical end.

Om Prakash Chautala is in jail for recruiting 300 Teachers illegally. Rashid Masood is in jail for wrongly recommending admission of one student in Medical College .

What would be the fate of the Master Brains of this huge scam the Nation is watching..